Thursday, March 27, 2014

Necropolis Tip & Zebq Stats

Hey guys, I'm posting these a bit late 'cause I'm barely keeping up with all the work I got :)

Necropolis Tip from Brett (and also later from DZmage): 

"Hi Cosmos, Just wanted to give people a idea they may not have thought about. With the necro event going for 7 days not everyone has 21 crypt keys. Just do 1 level a day. :) I did lvl 1 before 5 and level 2 after 5 so definately works."

>> I did this myself - definitely works! Awesome tip!

Zebq Stats and Mounts from Anees:

(remember that compared to China top players this is "nothing" but for the Western world where Zebq is this is huge)