Sunday, March 2, 2014

Skills for All Classes

Hey guys, I've been getting a lot of questions about skills and double skills and what to select, etc for all classes, Knights, Archers, Mages, so I took from top players (thanks guys) their skills and I am sharing them here with you so you can see how top players roll. For each class below you will see 2 sets - this is them using double skills, so they usually configure one for offense and one for defense or dungeons. Note I am not saying that this is the best skill setup, I am sharing them as good examples, so here we go:

Defense / Dungeon / Healer

(Full Heal & Purification Setup - requirement for 1 Mage Spire)

(This is good for dungeons mob cleanups and healing if no purification is required.)

Attack / PvP / World Boss

(The healer version can also be used for PvP due to addition of Sylphs)

Offense / Dungeon / Spire

(The Deep Freeze can be switched with Scatter if needed)

Offense / Arena / Tower of Kings

(Focused on hard AOE damage and scattering away any Suntoria or Apollo shield)

Offense / PvP / Class Wars

(Big delphic can be swapped with the smaller one if speed is needed)

Defense / Support / Tower of Kings / Spire

(Intercept can be swapped for Delphic during e.g. TOK)