Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mire Rune from Market

Hey guys, here is a short post on the Mire Rune as sometimes people are asking me where to get all the other runes other than Brutality, Blood and Healing, so here you see the screenshot from my mage - the other runes can be found only through regular or bound balens in the Market, so if you are looking for them what you can start doing is going to the market every time you login or creating a habit to periodically go check the market.

The rate of them showing up is very low. On my mage's account which has lots of balens i even clicked refresh tons of times in the past and never saw it, only today it showed up and this is not even the rune pack but the Mire Rune directly. I did buy it simply because i have balens on that account, but i will not be using it at all for a long time since i am holding level and for my mage the most important is PvP and honor.

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