Friday, March 21, 2014

Astro Guide (Constellations)

(Posted by Harsh)

So guys this theory is old enough but not so much old, but still working. It is already posted on kongregate by Knowing eyes , it may be posted on other places but i dont know  I am just elaborating in a much better way. So basically the technique is More Clicks  = Better Astrals.The trick is 90% of hoodoos :D . As Lavash/Cosmos has already posted the drop rates of astrals, it is very rare to get good ones. But the trick i m gonna elaborating will make us get good ones . And It worked for me and some of my guildies (Guild - TRINITY on s447 r2games) . You can ask them if you dont believe . I will get my new player on this server. So this here the trick goes.

So first of all open your astro panel and you will see some constellations .They will glow up and get dimmed.

  • So basically what you have to do is to click the star button after the dimming of the constellation and before the glowing of another one.
  • You will get an astral what ever you do sell or pick it , it doesn't matter but for now if you sell that you will get money and there will be more chances to get more astrals.
  • But you should have 1 astral at a time it is because once you capture an astral the screen gets dimmed and you cannot see.
  • Now if you get activated another star, then follow the same process , click after the dimming and before glowing . Now if you get to another star ( 3rd one), leave it for now lets get back to 1st star(magus) and follow the above process (clicking after dimming and before glowing).
  • Now if you get to 2nd star, its not fully glowed like the leading star ( 3rd one) but it still glow dimmed now get back to 3rd one and make it to 4th star and leave it for now get back to 2nd astral make it to 3rd star then leave this also and get back to 1st star make it to 2nd star and see you will have star activated in series like 2nd star>3rd star>4th Star and then make 4th to 5th , 3rd to 4th , 2nd to 3rd and 1st to 2nd.
  • Now you have all the star activated and now follow the trick(dimming and glowing) and click 5th star you will get red or yellow ( i m sure becaue 80% of people get it) and follow the same steps and repeat it again and make star activated like a staircase. 

Note: You must be patient and have a lot of money (1000k gold for at least 3 or 4  yellow or red [for me] ).