Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 2014 Gem Synthesize Event

Hey guys, the Gem event of March 2014 is out and the rewards (below) are very nice. We get not only soul crystals but also mount training whips. Of course the problem is that the minimum required Gem is level 5, where I think they are making a mistake an alienating the newer, lower level, players, which is not very nice - I think they should have given appropriate rewards from say level 3 Gems.

Anyhow, the rewards are great and I will be, last the previous time, even using gems from my equipment to make as high level gems as possible and walk around, even for Class Wars, with lowbie level 3-4 Gems. The main problem we will all have, especially those like me who didn't participate in the soul crystal and mount whip events, is having enough bag space for all these soul crystals.

Just for fun, here are the quantities of Gems I managed to gather since the last Gem event. Did you manage to get more? less? Put in the comments what you think about anything (related to Wartune :P)

Making my first (maybe only?) level 7 Gem and end up using level 3s and not only on my weapon :P

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