Thursday, April 24, 2014

Grab Crypt Tokens from VIP Wheel

Hey guys, with all the rings' and jewels' legendary upgrades and now added Level 80 Legendary Shards in the Catacombs Shop... becomes more interesting to put some extra time in getting extra Crypt Tokens from the VIP Wheel / VIP Token spinning.

It does take a good amount of patience of keeping refreshing the VIP Wheel until you get one that is good for you, but it all adds up so if you put in the time, you get the benefit.

So what are we looking for? Naturally Crypt Tokens, but not just one, and I already made a post previously on this topic so you can refer to that as well as this post. And also you want the 500,000 gold and that's really, in a way, asking for too much, but it can happen with enough patience, but still I would prioritize the crypt tokens as a choice.

Here below I show a really nice example and previously I posted more so you can check that as well. Moreover, I am pretty sure that this is not even the best example, there are better ones, but it serves its purpose.

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