Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wilds' Bosses Distribution map + Creative People + Reminder

Hey guys, I got 1 cool idea, 1 shout out to creative people and 2 reminders for you. So here we go, 1 by 1:

The Wilds' Bosses Heat-map / Distribution map

I have an awesome idea to plot on a chart all the locations of the Wilds' Bosses (no matter the level) and hopefully we can see a pattern of where they spawn. So what I need from you guys is to collect and email me coordinates of bosses that you find or even when you see someone say the coordinates in the chat.

To begin with ERANDEL MAP ONLY! and if this mini-project is successful we can extend to other maps.

  • Please send minimum of 10 or more coordinates per email so I don't get overloaded with emails.
  • Coordinates format should be numbers with a slash "/", for example 200/300

Once I have few hundreds of coordinates I hope to create a Heat-map / Distribution map, which will look something like this (but I will make it much better looking, this is just an example):

Are there Cartoon / Animations artists?

I am looking for creative people who are able to make funny animations or cartoons or anything visual / graphical to add smiles and joy to all of us. If you are such a person feel free to create something fun and email me and I will be happy to post it on all my blogs/pages.

Important condition: you must not steal from anyone! It must be your original Wartune creation.

This can be:

  • Wartune Comic strips
  • Wartune Photoshop art
  • Cartoons making fun of something in Wartune 
  • etc, your imagination is your limit
Here are some examples from the past:

Reminder: Reduce Stress with my Auto-Clicker

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Reminder: Support me

If you can support with even just $1 a month would be awesome if you became Patron of DolyGames. A lot of my work is not paid so if you have the ability to support for me to keep going that's awesome! Special thanks to my current Patrons who are already supporting. For the explanation you can click HERE or to go to my patron page you can click HERE.