Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wartune Mini Game Monopoly Golden Trail / Road

Hey guys, here is some "in advance" info on a mini game which we will have in the future called the Monopoly Golden Trail / Road. Many thanks to Darrkin for emailing me about this so I can share with everyone.

I have prepared a bunch of pictures for you to see the key points of the this Wartune mini-game and as you can imagine there is not too much explanation I can give at this stage and also not possible to say when we will have this on our servers.

Golden Road Monopoly Access

The access to the Golden Road Monopoly is from the Cloud City from the guy shown on the picture below.

The Wartune Monopoly Game Board

Once inside you have a sort of a board game where you roll the dice and walk according to what you roll. There seem to be 2 types of dice, possibly a "free" dice and a "balen" dice. Alternatively it could simply be limited number of attempts of the 2 different dice.

This picture is big, you can enlarge it to see details.

The Dice

The dice rolls similar to the Dragon Invasion dice. It rolls in the middle of the screen after you click the appropriate one in the bottom middle.

The 2nd dice seems to be a sort of a joker card allowing you to select any number you wish (which is why I think this could cost balens).

Mini Card Matching Game inside the Monopoly

On one of the game board locations (I show that on top left on the picture) you initiate another mini game of cards / icon where you have to match the same type to get the rewards.

End of the Game

Once you reach the end of the game board (and i think you have to do it exactly on the right box) then you get to roll for the final reward in a sort of a casino-styled spin reward.