Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day of Records for Cosmos

Hey guys, just sharing a couple of records I had on on my COSMOS Knight, which was all pretty cool and crazy at the same time.

First up, I gathered 232,837 Soul Crystals from the ~60k Whips I trained (all non-casher style :P). This is nuts really - I had major problems with bag space with all the new items and even though now Soul Crystals stack to 9999. I can't even imagine how we were going to handle this with the 999 stack size.

Then, due to the same event I had a record number of gems. Unfortunately due to a technical problem I lost the top part of the picture, so 1 line of gems I think you can't see, but looking at the rest you see what a bit amount of gems that is to have. Due to bag space issues I have already synthesized all the lower level gems into level 3. From ~60k whips I trained that's 24,000 gem packs! And I just published the 3rd Version of the 1-3 Gem Packs including the breakdown by gem type so if you wanna see that go here.

And lastly, after 2 years of playing 100% free and at the end 99% free, I managed to get the #1 position in the guild battle, which is super awesome for COSMOS Knight as knights are already disadvantaged hugely. But of course I know that this was a very lucky occurrence because it just means that our top damage dealers were not there, so although I don't really deserve the position I am super happy to be able to have it 1 time. There is also a title you can get if you are 10 times successful in holding the #1 position, so now it shows 1 out of 10 for me - 9 to go LOL! :)