Sunday, October 26, 2014

Counter Attack Kit Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, here I have prepared the drop rate report for the Counter Attack Kits based on 772 boxes of data with special thanks to Venom for sending the data. I have also added the pictures of the relevant items like Divinity Shard, Kit's Supplement and the original Box Info with their descriptions just in case or for future reference.

Counter Attack Kit Drop Rates Conclusions

What we see again is that the monthly event item, in this month (October 2014), the Kit's Supplement, is having a similar drop rate like previous boxes with an around 50% chance.

The gold has been pumped up though up to 17.9% (about 1 in 5 boxes) and the sepulcrums with the whips and a small bunch of soul crystals at around 8.8%-10.5% (so 1 in 10 boxes).

Then we have our bigger prizes:

  • the 500 soul crystals at 0.8% chance (about 1 in 100 boxes)
  • Divinity Shards x 10 with a small 0.4% chance (about 1 in 200 boxes)
  • and last, but not the least, each of the Sylph Seals for Hades and Apollo, with somewhere around 0.1% chance, so 1 in 1000 boxes

Remember chances are chances, which means that some people might open a few boxes and get the top prize while others might open hundreds and not get it.

Please see my report below - it is a large high quality image so you can enlarge it.