Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Lucky Treasure Box

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Team)

Hey guys, well there are many crazy cheap events, packs, etc in Chinese Wartune (I will try to post some events of theirs to compare with ours in the future). Here is one crazy recharge event Chinese server had 2 weeks ago for the new sub-class celebration. I don't even know if we will get this but we might after patch 4.0 for many reasons...

Recharge Balens Event

Recharge 500 Balens during the event and you will receive a Lucky Treasure Box. Their Lucky Treasure Box has many items and it is definitely worth getting by recharging only 500 Balens. This recharge is unlimited, so for an example if you recharge 4,000 Balens you get Lucky Treasure Box #8 with different rewards then #1 Box, #2 Box, etc.

Lucky Treasure Box Bonuses 

The Lucky Treasure Box has:
  • Jade Dragon Wings
  • 5 Bags of Gold (has 100k in each)
  • One Level 8 HP Gem
  • Vulcan's Pack
  • Hercules Seal (Blue)
  • One Fashion Core
  • Child Material Pack
  • 10 Spelcrums
  • 10 Mount Whips
  • 10 "Intermediate" Runestones

No wonder why Low-Cash-Chinese-players are reaching 350k Battle Rating with these kinds of events. I don't know the other Lucky Treasure Box Bonuses since event is over. Once this event comes up again, I will probably make new article with all rewards from the boxes. So comment your opinion of this recharge box below.