Friday, October 10, 2014

Advanced Fishing and a Housekeeper?

(Posted by Krishna- DolyGames Contributor.)

Hello guys, here is a little update that Chinese Servers got a month ago in September. Advanced Fishing and Farm Decorating/Courtyard.There are some requirements for this patch like buying decorations, hiring a housekeeper, etc. Some of the stuff which will be explained below requires balens if you wish to.

Luxurious Degrees and Farm Decorations

The farm can be decorated with stone paths, bushes, roadside tree blossoms, aquatic plants, fishing pool, etc.Decorations are requires Balens/Bound-Balens to buy.You can fish outside of the farm (in cloud city, city, etc.) as well as fish inside the farm. The Courtyard can be upgraded  with 200 luxurious degrees. The more decorations you buy the more your luxurious degree increases. You can buy 100 luxurious degrees for 1000 Balens.

Access Fishing in Farm from this Pond

Housekeeper for the Farm and House

You can also hire a housekeeper named Andrew in your courtyard. Yes, a house keeper that will increase the cleanliness. Every day you can receive small reward from him as well as an advanced reward which depends on the cleanliness. We have not translated the rewards yet but we will as soon as possible.The cost to hire a housekeeper is 200 Balens for a month. (English severs might increase the price because they did the same to weddings, shop, etc.) The housekeeper works inside and outside the farm so follow-up article will come soon explaining in detail.
Housekeeper Rewards

Advanced Fishing

So most of you guys are reaching to level 30 fishing but that won't be the end of it all. In the future patch we may get new fishes that Chinese Servers got. The fishing level will go all the way to level 80 which is crazy and will take long time. You have to be level 80 to do advanced fishing.The level 30+  Advanced Fishing gives random rewards. (For an example- a jellyfish will give either a level 4 luck stone or will crystal.)

Points from each fish and Skills/Attempt Purchase 

Another cool feature they added in fishing is that you can buy fishing skills for 10 Balens.This will be great for leveling up your fishing level as soon as possible. Bound Balens can be used to buy fishing skills. Extra 10 attempts can be bought everyday.