Thursday, October 2, 2014

2nd Evolution of Sylphs in Wartune

Hey guys, here to share with you the 2nd Evolution of Sylphs in Wartune! Surely some of you will be happy about this while others will be really angry :) Nevertheless, it's a good development and design and even though they will kill me big-time I am happy that they are on the way.

Here I compiled for everyone how each of the Wartune sylph's second evolution will look like and as mentioned on the report thanks to David for the information.

2nd Evolution of Sylphs in Wartune

Firstly I think the designs are very nice, but still, let's break them down. I'll give my opinion first and you guys post in the comments what's your opinion :)

Fire Amazon 2nd evolution design

Really cool :) I like it a lot just like the 1st evolution of Cerberus. And the designer did respect all the flame / fire element, but failed to keep consistent in the creature going from a dinosaur to a 3-headed dog and now to a man. So thumbs down for that.

Dark Hades 2nd evolution design

Woot! Why is this guy changing color from green to pink to blue... I like this design but i don't make sense of his design evolution, I think the Hades designer is confused.

Electro Gaia 2nd evolution design

Oh nooooo!! What is this terrible design. Hercules is way cooler than this weird thing :( thumbs down to this evolution.

Water Iris 2nd evolution design

Really good job! Thumbs up all the way! 

Wind Pan 2nd evolution design

A really good job on the 1st evolution to Meduza, but fail on the 2nd evolution. The design is nice by itself, but is not at all connected to previous designs. But at least the color palette is kept consistent in the green tones.

Light Apollo 2nd evolution design

Are you kidding me? seriously? This is nonsense lol :) Again by itself it can be cute / fun, but no consistency whatsoever going from Apollo to the majestic Athena to this - whatever it is.


So I am sad that my own character is going to have to get this ugly Electro design, but in conclusion the best design job for me are the Amazon and Iris evolutions due to respecting the fire and water elements and consistency and the cool designs.

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