Friday, October 17, 2014

9.1 million gold Sylph Atoll Boss

Hey guys, so with this crazy Defend Sylph Atoll event we have a boss spawn at 2 am at night / morning and, for whatever reason, some of us were online and participating in this madness. Why madness? Because it took 2.5 hours to kill the boss with like 8-10 people... my team was ranked 2nd with 21.61% of damage (half the time was only just me and Ip) and the #1 position was taken by Grey's team which did:

  • 63.47% of the total damage
  • 546 million points
  • 9.1 million gold earned
  • 31 Vulcan's Stoves
  • etc - see picture below:
Oh the bad thing was also that due to lack of participating people the treasure chest was not awarded to anyone.