Thursday, October 30, 2014

Erandel Boss Coordinates Distribution Map by COSMOS - 284 Bosses

Hey guys, I have finished preparing my report on the location of Wilds' bosses in the Erandel wilderness map and I am happy to be able to share it with you. I hope you appreciate the work that went into this and that you like my report. Hopefully now you know the best way to find bosses in the Wilds! :)

Firstly, I want to say thanks to everyone who helped with the data. I will put the table of people at the end of the post. Thanks guys! Everyone else is always welcome to email me anything interesting about Wartune or to support me in ongoing projects or to join DolyGames Team and contribute on a regular basis.

Wartune Erandel Wild's Bosses Distribution Map

Here below I have prepared 3 large high quality images to show the results of the analysis. 1st picture will show the pure results; 2nd picture will show a recommendation of how best to walk to find bosses for 1 person and the 3rd picture will show the recommended walking path for a 4 member party in the Wilds.

I have color coded and sized the hot points on the map.
  • Large points in red have a very high chance of having a boss spawn in that area.
  • Next, medium points in yellow have frequent boss spawns and lastly,
  • The orange points have the smallest chance for boss spawning, however, note the sizes of the orange points as some were close to almost quality to become yellow.

The result of the analysis:

The image is high quality and large; you can click to enlarge it. Note: top left are coordinates 0/0 and bottom right are coordinates 600/600 - just like in the game.

1 person walking path recommendation

4 persons' party recommended walking paths for each member

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The people who have supported with the data - thanks!

Everyone and anyone is welcome to support with anything related to Wartune (as long as it is well made). Feel free to email me ideas / data / cool things anytime.

# of bosses
Mark R.69
Yodha S22361
HaHoTo Guild Silver + Kong-549
Bob Kong S521
Ishaer EU S32 Kabam20
Winterfell AG S5 EU6

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