Friday, October 24, 2014

Getting Maximum Rewards with Patience

Hey guys, remember that you always have the choice between immediate benefit and a bigger reward down the road. In many experiments done on people it was proven that people prefer to have a smaller reward today than a much bigger reward some time in the future. Knowing this weakness we all have as humans (or maybe it's not a weakness in some cases) we can think twice about what we do in Wartune.

In Wartune we always have the choice to save up items and wait for an event which will give us more rewards for consuming those items or to use them right away and get a little bit stronger.

There are people on both sides of this discussion and it is not really easy to say if one side is right or the other.

Collectors with with the Fate Stone Event

Myself, I am in the camp of people who save up items and today was my pay-day when the Fate Stone event launched with lots of rewards, which you could only take if you saved up a lot of fate stones (with the exception of cashers who can buy whatever they want).

Other items in Wartune to consider collecting

Well, of course, gems:
Something I am saving up and waiting for mount refining event are the Hoofs:
Then you have resistance and will crystals:
Then good luck charms and fashion cores for clothing sysnthesis:
And many other items like:
- mahras
- sepulcrums
- possibly vulcan stones
- bounty scrolls certainly
- soul crystals
- mount training whps
- maybe roses but low chance on this
- small runestones (if you don't have all runes yet)
- fate stones as already mentioned
- crypt keys (for rare "enter necro" events)

Making choices in Wartune

What I find helps me to make a choice if I should save up or not is the following question:
"If I use this item will it make a significant change to my day to day runs in Wartune?" 
If not, then no problem in being patient.

There are also a lot of people who don't understand basic mathematics and say if you don't participate in an event you lose the rewards. No, because you still have the items so you can use them now or later to get the rewards, it makes no difference. Actually you even win by holding out because future rewards are always greater than current since they have to increase rewards all the time to keep players from quitting.

My Video on Getting Maximum Rewards with Patience