Monday, October 20, 2014

Defend Sylph Atoll Boss Event Formulas and Effects

Hey guys, I want to share you 3 additional things about the Defend Sylph Atoll Boss Event:

1) Alfreduss shared the formula for the Vulcan Stoves =  the % damage you did to the Atoll Boss / 2, so if your party did 60% of total damage you will get 30 Vulcan Stoves.

2) I previously shared with you the formula / ratio for Gold Income, which I showed was 60 points to 1 gold. So for example to get 1 million gold you need to earn 60,000,000 points. That was with the different rewards per rank is here:

3) A lot of people might not have noticed the little icon we get during the Defend Sylph Atoll Boss Event, but this is quite important and makes crystals a lot more important since it doubles the effects of the crystals or resistance related elements. I think there is an unclear language there and that both Resistance Crystals and Will Crystals are important: