Sunday, October 12, 2014

COSMOS's Cloudcaller Mount, CSGB and Holy Forge

Hey guys, just want to share with you my new wonderful Cloudcaller +40 mount, which I got from the Cross Server Guild Battle rewards costing 5000 King's Seals, so this is another example to show that for those people who are able to wait good things will come, while cashers can have these benefits much in advance, which is fair because they are paying real money.

Now that the Preliminaries are over everyone in our guild got the King's Seals rewards based on the performance of our guild. Here is the mail with 3750 reward:

3750 is of course not enough to buy the 5000 Cloudcaller, but I was able to participate in 2 out of 4 CSGBs so I had some individual rewards all together making my balance 5025 exactly enough for the mount. Many others will be able to get the mount with some additional King's Seals.

Mount, Fashion Cores and Vulcan Hammers

Those who have the mount will have to make a choice between getting fashion cores or Vulcan's hammers. The bigger cashers probably already did their clothing refinement so will choose Vulcan's hammers for 100 King's Seals, while others might decide that the stat gains from clothing refinement is a more effective boost to BR compared to Holy Forging and might decide to get the Fashion Cores for 200 King's Seals instead.

Holy Forge

Here is what Holy Forge looks like for those who don't have access to it. The issue here is that the success rate is 50% (although it rises with failed attempts - UPDATE: see correction below), so it is very expensive to get this going, so for those people who don't have high star clothing refinement probably Fashion Cores will be a better idea.

Also the cost is 5 Vulcan's Hammers and 15 Vulcan's Stoves per attempt, which is not a small amount either.

UPDATE: Holy Forge Feedback from Tomas

See Tomas's Holy Forge and feedback on the picture below:

Cosmos on his Cloudcaller

And finally here is me on my pretty Cloudcaller posing for the photo together with my Hercules :)