Thursday, September 25, 2014

Class Wars Playlist, Plus Cosmos is Awesome

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, sometimes I forget that Class Wars is no longer a "new patch" event in Wartune -- every month I feel like there is something new I need to improve or adapt to in order to stay competitive. I hope all of you have an awesome September Class Wars, and may the odds be ever in my and only my your favor!

I decided to gather all of the DolyGames Class Wars videos into one playlist, so that we have a sort of running history of them for our team, so please check it out!

When I was going through the uploads to add to the playlist, very quickly there stopped being Elia-videos, and it was just a sea of Cosmos ones. I'd be quite surprised if there's another player other that has recorded every single Class Wars to date (plus they're all with commentary, not a bunch of techno loops haha - I say this shamelessly because I have some on my personal channel).

Cosmos has of course made so many other videos for nearly 2 years now, but I think 15 months of Class Wars footage are a testament to his ongoing dedication to putting out awesome content.

So far I've kept most of my irritation with R2's forum ban on Cosmos between him and myself, and I plan to keep it that way. But I will say that while I don't think angry tickets to R2's Couldn't-Support-My-Underwire* Elves will make much of an impact, what you can do to help is show your support for DolyGames and Cosmos Wartune blog -- share, like, subscribe, donate, etc. in any way you can to spread the word that R2's trying to mute.
*If you don't know what an underwire is, you're probably part of 90% male audience of DolyGames.

Since I already share our content on social media, I thought I'd rename my Gaia as a little tribute to Cosmos and to show a little extra support for the big guy ^^ (Hint: Googling "lavash" will help) Here's hoping I can snag the Sorcerer title this weekend, with a little help from bread xD

I imagine a conversation going something like this:
Person - "Elia why is your sylph named breadftw?"
Me - "Go to Cosmos's Wartune Blog and maybe you can figure it out. Oh, and start early in the archives."