Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CSGB Additional Updates

Hey guys, so here are some additional pieces of info about the Cross Server Guild Battle prepared by me in simple bullet points for fast / easy reading:
  • CSGB lasts for 7 weeks
  • Minimum guild BR = 4 million
  • Minimum guilds required = 24 or the event is cancelled
  • 40 people can fight
  • It seems players can sit inside a chariot and attack (max 10 chariots)
  • Fighting a player on/in chariot - gotta kill the chariot then the player
  • Chariots can be summoned either with 1000 crystals or 100 balens
  • Chariots and Guardian Towers can hit 1 target with 100% chance or do AOE (Napalm, Spinal Tap, Thunderbomb) but players can try to dodge this
Important! King's Seal will reset after the following cross-server battle and cannot be accumulated across various battles.

Our guild registered: