Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Chaos Rune

(Posted by Miklós of the DolyGames Team)

The creators of Wartune love gamble and randomness. Wartune is sometimes big casino, so they felt it is better if in combat, random plays an important role besides skill and power. Deflection, illusion and regeneration astrals and chaos rune often make the combat a nice big roulette game. Still, you can play with or versus chaos rune smart, and stupid. This article helps you the play rather smart.

Chaos rune shows its success chances in its description. Many think that this is the chance that your opponent will damage himself and heal/buff you. Not true.
The chance is that the chaos rune will get on your opponent. After the chaos rune gets on your opponent, each time he does something, there will be a new random roll to determine who is affected by the skill. So even if you have a chaos rune level 10 with 100% chance to stick on your opponent, it is possible that his spell will still work normally.

Beware! Chaos rune is not doing anything in some situations. In each case, let's suppose your opponent put a chaos rune on you.

Possible chaos scenarios

  1. You are alone, and you cast a debuff, a damage spell, or an enemy-targeting rune (either singe target or AoE). It will always hit your opponent.
  2. You are alone, and cast a heal spell. There is a chance that you will heal the opponent instead.
  3. You cast a suntoria. I would say it always goes on the opponent, but once out of like 50 cases, I have seen it to work. Anyway, do not suntoria under chaos. I'm pretty sure this is a bug.
  4. You cast an agoran shield. I never seen this go on the opponent in 1 vs 1, but maybe it did in arena team. Anyway, if you are chaos rune, it's a good time to cast agoran shield. This looks like a bug, unless the goal of chaos was not to modify effects where the target is „self”.
  5. You are under chaos, and cast a purify. Sadly, purify does not remove chaos rune, tested it like 40 times. But, if your team members did not cast any debuff on your opponent, purify can be still ok as a „do-nothing” spell under chaos :) This is a bug, actually, purify should remove chaos rune (at least 50% of the time, when it affects your party).
  6. You are not alone, and cast a chaos rune. There is a chance that you will chaos your own team member. Although chaos rune's description is clear, it prioritizes players, still, chaos can go on your troop. Obviously, this is a bug.
  7. You use a beneficial rune (rage, heal, guard rune). It will always work, you can use these. Looks like a bug, unless the intention was not to modify „self” effects.

How to play with chaos rune:

  1. Use it as your first action.
  2. If your chaos hits, do not kill immediately after that the opponent's troop with an AoE, because then your chaos will be useless. Cast suntoria or other buffs.
  3. Try to time the second usage to counter a healing. When you expect your opponent will heal, wait a bit with your actions, and when you see him selecting the spell, do it. This can mess up a Triton badly.

How to play vs chaos rune:

  1. One strategy is „play around it”. Wait at start of the battle, if your opponent chaos you, use a rage rune, and then he have only 1 more round usually where you cast a basic attack and you are done. Knights can cast Agoran shield safely.
  2. Second strategy is „ignore it”. Don't bring to much troops into the battle (so you can kill them with one shot), but bring two AoE skills. Open with AoE. If chaos hit you and you killed your troops, you can proceed to kill your opponent's troop with the second one and you are at equal ground. If you hit the opponent's troops, the better, do a basic attack second turn and you are okay.
  3. Do not forget that chaos rune is a gamble. If your opponent has a lvl 10 chaos rune and you don't do anything for 3 rounds, that can be a too big advantage for him. You can still cast your AoE or other harmful spell, there is 50% that it will work, so the expected value is the same.
  4. Chaos can be particularly devastating in arena. If your opponent is very strong, you can't stall for rounds, so you have to risk casting your AoE. If they are not that strong, you can stall with basic attack, agoran, purify, scatter, self-runes, awaken, and turn the tide in the sylph phase.
Conclusion: Chaos rune is not so great in 1 vs 1 unless you have it at level 10. It's unreliable, and players are usually at full health when its effect runs. It's best in arena, guild battle and tower of kings. Unfortunately, it cost an incredible amount of runes to level to 10. It's power will increase when they add the new troops, and when sylphs will replace troops in some situations.

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