Monday, September 22, 2014

Cross-Server Guild Battle Round 1 AllStarZ vs R2-D2

Hey guys, so we had our first CSGB or shorter known as XGB and it was all good fun. We won it and we are the strongest guild by BR so we have good chances to be the top guild among our cross server selection.

Here is the winning mail that I got which was nice to read:

Weird CSGB Cross Battle Screenshot

And here is a very strange screenshot Grey sent me, which is not photoshoped at all. What happened was that Grey and Tapok attacked R2-D2 guys, then shutnik joined the fight on our side and Grey died and then something happened which nobody understood and the enemy guys appeared on the left side suddenly while Tapok appeared on the right side, so it truly became a cross server cross battle :) hehe

If you maximize and carefully look at this picture there are a lot of wrong things, but again this is not a manipulated picture, this is straight from the game.

Cross-Server Guild Battle Video