Thursday, September 25, 2014

Guide to Which Astral to Use

(Posted by Miklós & COSMOS of the DolyGames Team)

This short guide will help you decide which astrals to use.

The abbreviations used:

  • PVP = player vs player: bg, gb, cw, arena etc.
  • PVE = player vs environment: necropolis, sky trial, god's descent etc.

Astrals to use all the time

ATK astrals (most important stat in wartune),
Aegis or Goddess blessing (Aegis on lower levels, Goddess for the future)
Sniper-Determination or Will Destroyer (depending on if you crit build or ewd).

Defense astrals (mdef, pdef): I use these most of the time. In pvp, both astrals are a must. In pve, if you fight versus a very strong opponent (necropolis, sky trial, god's descent), you should be aware if your opponent is matk or patk, and replace the useless defense astral. In some cases, where the opponent has an extreme attack, like in sky trial, you might even choose not to use any.

So how many astro slots this covers?

  • 2 slots for attack astrals
  • 1 slot for Aegis or Goddess
  • 2 slots for crit build or 1 slot for WD
  • 2 slots for defenses
So that's already 6-7 slots covered by the basics.

In the old system we had maximum of 8 astro slots and in the new system we have 10 astro slots, so that leaves you with 3-4 slots left to choose if you have unlocked all the astro slots.

Other Astrals to choose

Enshieldment: a successful block reduces damage by 25%. This astral is great in any pve situation, but less good in pvp since they added penetration. If you are a knight, or just have a high block (7k+) still use it all the time. Otherwise replace it with something more useful in pvp.

Deflection: This astral is less useful on lower level and becomes more and more useful the higher you get. This is because the calculation is a percentage of the damage dealt, so if someone is hitting you with 2000 damage it's not that scary, but if most attacks can generate the capped 50,000 reflection, this becomes rather useful. This astral is often much more a PVP astral than a PVE one, however it can be very useful in PVE damage race situations such as God's Descent, Necropolis and Sky Trail. You don't really need to rush this astral to a level 10 deflection, a level 8 is good enough if your other astrals need work as well.

Guardian Angel: This is a very powerful astral in pvp. Lately everyone is using crit build, so GA decreases damage by a lot. It has only one drawback: your chance to receive crit heal are significantly lowered. Still, it is good to use - what you gain is much more than what you lose. It can bring benefit both in PVP and PVE, but note that monsters crit much less often than players so when doing PVE consider if you can benefit more from other astrals. 

Regeneration: Since it's cap has been raised, this is a powerful astral. This astral is less useful on lower level and becomes more and more useful the higher you get. I recommend it in every situation where the battle takes a long time and the survival is important. In fast PVP battles this astral will not have a lot of chances to activate, but in longer PVP battles as some Class War fights might get rather long it might decide win or loss. You don't really need to rush this astral to a level 10 regeneration, a level 8 is good enough if your other astrals need work as well.

Brilliance: All other astrals give a much better bonus when you have a large amount of HP, so I recommend this astral only for World Boss, where it can mean the difference between survival and death. The only other situation is where Battle Rating is important to you in which case you can take this on to boost your BR for prizes or ranking.

Illusion: this astral gives much less bonus what it's description says. Simply completely ignore the 10% number in its description and just accept that it activates rarely. The dodge rate is actually only like 5-6% with max illusion. However, it completely cancels out the enemy attack making it extremely powerful if it is activated and can certainly decide if you lose or win a battle if it activates on a powerful enemy delphic. However, on lower levels I would not recommend anyone to use this since you will not have the gold income to max out this astral making it extremely rare activating. But on higher levels when you do have the power to max out this astral it can be priceless.

COSMOS Astro Example

Remember that the higher the damage numbers the bigger the effect of the percentage astrals.