Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cross Server Guild Battle is ON

Hey guys, just after reset we got the CSGB icon up and running:

And the registration is open requiring 500k Guild Wealth to register within the allowed time.

The Cross Server Guild Battle information section

Here we see bullet points:

  • All qualified guilds can sign up with the fee.
  • CSGB runs in 2 phases - Preliminaries (4 rounds) and Finals (3 rounds)
  • In Preliminaries guilds are ranked by victories (points earned + guild BR); those ranked near each other fight one another
  • In Finals guilds are divided into 4 groups: Diamond, Gold, Silver and Iron.

CSGB Rewards

  • Single Battle Rewards: all participants get these rewards no matter on winning or losing.
  • Preliminary Rewards: all participants get rewards based on ranking.
  • Final rewards: all participants get rewards based on ranking.

Battle Information

  • Win by having 10,000 points gap versus the enemy.
  • The map has 5 totems, controlling these gets you continuous points.
  • There is a Guardian Tower next to each totem which players can occupy to protect the totem or occupy the totem.
  • The Guardian Tower can do damage to players or chariots.
  • Every guild starts with 5 chariots. These can damage players or the Guardian Tower.
  • Participants can collect crystals on the map which can be used by the Leaders to summon more chariots.
  • Each guild can have a maximum of 10 chariots.
  • Players can obtain personal contribution and increase guild points by:
  • Killing enemies
  • Killing chariots
  • Occupying enemy Guardian Towers
  • Submitting crystals

Rewards for Preliminaries:

Seal of King is used to exchange for items in the Cross Server Guild Battle Shop.

Rewards for Finals

Cloud Overlord: Engraves the guild's tenet in the center of the Cloud City square for 7 days.
All for One: Be worshiped by the Cloud City people for 7 days.
King Corona: All members of the guild receive powerful buff bonuses for 7 days.

Cross Server Guild Battle Shop

  • The 2500 Ancient Rune Pack contains either a Chaos Runestone or an Amnesia Runestone or a Rage Runestone.
  • The Legendary Stone packs contain 5 stones.
  • Cloudcaller is a +40 Mount.
  • The Sack of Gold is 100,000 gold.
  • The Sack of Kyanite is 2,000.