Sunday, September 7, 2014

How to Find Bosses in the Wilds

Hey guys, here is an interesting guide to help you find bosses in the Wilds with special thanks to Axell from S520. I made a video on this so might be a good idea to check out the video, but I will give a brief explanation also here:

So as you know the Wilds maps are simply 2 dimensional maps with X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) coordinates. The top left is 1/1 and the bottom right is 600/600 (example Erandel).

Then this map can be separated into horizontal sections depending on the number of bosses. So in my example I have 5 bosses and 600 as the maximum Y coordinate, so 600 can be broken down in 5 sections of 120.

Once you do that then the top boss can be found in the top section, the bottom boss in the bottom section and the others in their corresponding order from top to bottom.

UPDATE: I received feedback from people that this mapping system for Wilds Bosses does not work 100% of the time, so sometimes it works and sometimes not. If someone find an explanation let me know I'll post an update.

For a more in-depth explanation please see my video: