Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sylph Taboo & Marriage Chests Drop Rates, Battleground Funny Thing and Patron Support

Hey guys, a couple of things in this post. Sylph Taboo Chest Drop Rates, Marriage Chests Drop Rates, Battleground funny thing and Patron support. First the 1st version of Sylph Taboo Chest Drop Rates just to get this started and hopefully people will send more data. Got 56 boxes so far which is not much, so send more i will make a 2nd version with more boxes. So far we have a lot of drops on the lower prizes, and especially the Taboo Illumination x1

Then I wanted to again remind people that if you can support with even just $1 a month would be awesome if you became Patron of DolyGames. A lot of my work is not paid so if you have the ability to support for me to keep going that's awesome! Special thanks to the 3 people who are already supporting. For the explanation you can click HERE or to go to my patron page you can click HERE.

So here are the results of Sylph Taboo Chest Drop Rates - Version 1:

Next up, thanks to Lucifera for the data, we got the 1st version of the Marriage Chests Drop Rates. Here also feel free to send more data to me so we can increase the accuracy of the drop rates.

And here, thanks to Rodio, a funny screenshot of 2 times first blood spilled in the Battleground - LOL! :)
I can imagine then one of them spilled the first blood droplet and then the other one cut that droplet in half :) or how else to imagine? :) hehe

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