Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Marriage Chests Drop Rates v2

Hey guys, here is a version 2 update of the Marriage Chests Drop Rates with special thanks to Luci who gathered most of the data. So let's have a look - what do we see?

Chest Info

Please note: These rewards are only from a fully boosted marriage tree. If the tree is not boosted full (with for example insignia) it gives less rewards (for example only 5 runestones instead of 10) and less chests. Fully boosted tree gives 5 chests twice per day.

Items from the Marriage Chests

The most common items by far are the 1-3 Gem Pack and the 10 Runestones with 31.7% and 27.5% chance of dropping respectively, so 1 in every 3 chests roughly speaking. That's actually pretty cool since gems we always need and runestones, even if we can get lots of them, are never enough to max out our runes.

Another very useful drop is the 11.7% chance of getting Fashion Core Shards, which means that in about every 100 chests you can make a Fashion Core!

From there on the chances drop a lot down to 1-2% of getting things like the Eternal Heart, 100% Experience Scroll, Crypt Key and the 99 Roses.

Marriage Chests Report by COSMOS

So check out below the version 2 report and if you want to support with more data (since 240 is not huge) feel free to email me - just don't send 1 box :) send a big bunch.