Friday, October 18, 2013

Tormented Necropolis--Archer

(Posted by Abcdz)

Hey guys, this is a guide to the Tormented Necropolis for all Archers out there--weak or strong

My character, on Kabam S-31, recently tried to make it through level 5 of the necropolis in order to unlock the level 60 legendary ring and jewel shards. The last time I tried to get through (around 35,000 BR), my character was crushed at the level 3 boss. Since then, my character has jumped up to 45K BR and I upgraded my templars from around 33 to 58. This time when I tried, I made it to level 9--crushing any idea of what I thought was possible.
On my server, I am ranked in the 70s for player strength--so getting the #11 spot is a BIG DEAL

First things first--
 The most important thing in the Necropolis is your attack. The faster you can kill the boss, the less time it has to kill you. This means to get through, slot your character for PATK by using gems, astrals, etc. Remember to use Potions and scrolls too-- to boost these stats. I got my character to about 52K Br when potted

The next most important thing is your rage--which allows you to cast your skills (very important!!!). The only two ways for an archer to get rage are
1) Use the Arrow Strike skill    2) Hit an enemy with a crit   3) Use the level 40, 50 or 60 gear (which I don't have)
This means to get through, slot your character for critical (around 2500 or so is good)

The next BIG thing to consider in the Necropolis are your archer's skills.

Here are my PVE skills:

Every archer at this stage should have Deep Freeze (-100% enemy casting speed) and you need to USE IT WHENEVER POSSIBLE! This is really the most important thing--because it gives your character 2-3 attacks while the boss will only get one. After DF, you need to do Multi-shot and Arrow Strike (to do high amounts of damage and get rage). Also, you will need to have Bloodthirsty strike, which is the skill that converts damage into healing (and only use this when you are low on health and have the rage to do it). This and a healing rune should keep you alive and well

If you happen to have the level 50 or 60 PVE sets, you will have tons more rage in these fights. While many archers use a Delphic when they have rage, I recommend that you use Armor Piercer instead. Also, you can use Arrow Strike less and use other, better skills like Multi more often

And finally guys, remember to always double hit ♥

My character:

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