Monday, October 7, 2013

COSMOS's Illustration of Wartune October 2013 Events

Hey guys, as events are very important in Wartune especially for free players or non-cashers to get special items I have made the below illustration of the Wartune October 2013 events and the rewards that you can get in it, i.e. the special items: Dreadful Scraps and Monster Scraps, so check it out below and make good planning so that you benefit the most.

And if you see any mistakes just let me know and I will correct, but hopefully there are no mistakes :)

(click on the October 2013 Wartune Event picture to enlarge or right click on it - download and see the full size)

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Dreadful Scrap Exchange
Exchange Dreadful Scrap x1 for Lvl. 1 - Lvl. 3 Gem Pack x2
Exchange Dreadful Scrap x10 for Soul Crystal x50
Exchange Dreadful Scrap x80 for Gentle Beast Card x1
Exchange Dreadful Scrap x80 for Phantom Yeti Card x1
Exchange Dreadful Scrap x120 for Razor Dragon Card x1
Exchange Dreadful Scrap x160 for Sura's War Elephant Card x1, Mount Training Whip x30

Mount Card – Gentle Beast
 Used to summon a special elephant mount – Gentle Beast

Gentle Beast
 An exotic creature known to symbolize hope and happiness in many cultures.
 Attributes: +20, Attributes Max Level: +10

Mount Card – Phantom Yeti
 Used to summon a unique mount – Phantom Yeti.

Phantom Yeti
 The guardian of an everlasting land of ice, he is a loyal companion to one and only one master… he may be able to predict the future.
 Attributes: +20, Attributes Max Level: +10

Mount Card – Razor Dragon
 Used to summon a unique mount – Razor Dragon

Razor Dragon
 Often used by only a select number of Dragonriders, this beast is difficult to tame and does not willingly submit to a master.
 Attributes: +30, Attributes Max Level: +10

Mount Card – Sura’s War Elephant
 Used to summon a unique mount – Sura’s War Elephant

Sura’s War Elephant
 A creature bred for war as commanded by the empire’s ruler as part of an elaborate military plan… brutally put to an end by the elephants themselves.
 Attributes: +30, Attributes Max Level: +10

Monster Scrap Exchange
 10/21 - 11/5 23:59
 Exchange Monster Scrap x1 for Gold Chest x20
 Exchange Monster Scrap x2 for Fashion Shard x1
 Exchange Monster Scrap x15 for Good Luck Charm x1
 Exchange Monster Scrap x50 for Hallowed Hat x1
 Exchange Monster Scrap x60 for All Hallows Costume x1
 Exchange Monster Scrap x70 for Halloween's Trick x1

Nether Pumpkin Pack
 "A unique kind of pumpkin grows in the depths of the Void Abyss. It's disturbing scent reaks of the underworld. Open this pack and receive the followings:
 Runestone x1
 Gold Chest x1
 Lvl. 1 Daru Pearl x1
 Reaper Morph Card x1
 Gold Chest x500

 Nether Pumpkin Seed
 Can be used to grow mysterous Nether Pumpkins. Maturity time: 12 hours. Yields Nether Pumpkin x13

 Grim Reaper Morph Card
 Transforms your outward appearance to that of a Grim Reaper, lasts 1 hour.

 Monster Scrap
 Obtained from the Pumpkin Pack, can be exchanged for useful items.

 Halloween's Trick
 A special weapon designed for Halloween.
 Initial Rage Minimum +5

 Hallows Costume
 A special set of Halloween costume.
 Initial Rage Minimum +5

 Hallowed Hat
 A special Halloween hat.
 Initial Rage Minimum +5

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