Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Do I have a good BR for my level?

Hey guys, the MOST annoying Wartune question I get bombarded with on daily basis is "Do I have a good BR for my level?" - GRRRRR!!!

No! You do not! :) haha!

Seriously! This is so dumb! First of all BR is a terrible strength indicator! We saw that in the September hall of fame event when everyone jacked up their BR to ridiculous levels with idiotic equipment just to get the BR reward. This is because anything that does not give stats does not give BR so something so critical like Will Destroyer or Goddess give no BR whatsoever!

Secondly, just the fact that you are asking this question means that you do not have a good BR. You don't see the Olympic golden medalists asking if they are good at what they do now do you? Same in Wartune, if you are strong - you KNOW it! If you are not strong you ask if you are - *beep*! :)

And lastly, like i already presented both in blog and videos, the best way to know if your BR or strength is good for your level is to do Solo and Group Arenas and see how high rank or how many wins you get. If you see that you can beat most people your level then you are doing good. If you lose to many people even lower level then you are doing bad.

2 final thoughts:

  • You are playing to have fun - that should be your goal - not BR.
  • Actually I lied, the MOST annoying emails I get are not the "Do I have a good BR for my level?" but "give me balens please".

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