Monday, October 14, 2013

Get Your Free Stuff in Wartune

Hey guys, you wanna get some free stuff in Wartune? :) A lot of people don't know this but every month there is a possibility to redeem a game code completely for free and get some free stuff. Even though the stuff is mostly intended for newcomers or lower level people, still everyone can enjoy health pots, skeleton keys and stuff like that :)

So check out the picture below of what I took today and you can get yours right now :) How? Various methods - for Armor Games its very easy just reload the game and on top left before you click on the Wartune servers there is a button Code Redemption. Otherwise you can sign up at places like MMOBomb which run giveaways.

And if you like your free stuff remember to thumbs up this page / Google + it / share it, etc.

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