Wednesday, October 23, 2013

1-3 Gem Pack Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, here we go with another little interesting table with Wartune drop rates of the 1-3 Gem Packs, which are of course straightforward as in we know what to expect in them, but it was interesting to see what are the chances for each of the Levels of gems inside the gem packs.

The sample size is good, 746 chests. I am sure once people read this you can send more - feel free to post data in the comments below, send with the contact form on the top right or directly email me.

Here, on the table below you see that ~70% of the time you get a Level 1 gem and then ~20% of the time you get a Level 2 gem and finally coming close to 10% chance for Level 3 gem. So that means from 1000 of these gem packs you can expect to get 90 Level 3 gems which is then ~22 Level 4 gems or ~5 Level 5 gems, making it 1 Level 6 gem and leftovers from 1000 gem packs of 1-3.

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