Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hall of Fame Rewards

(Posted by Telstar) 

Hello, this is my first post, since I haven't actually had the time to put together some of the pieces I had in mind (they may follow).

On 2nd October, at around 21.30 Server Time my server finally got the rewards for the Hall of Fame event that ended on 29th September. Other publishers sent them at different times - I met people in BG from Aeria and Minigames that had them already on 1st October, but the important is that they arrived and match to the BR I achieved with lot of effort (and some cash) :)
I got this mai, which I didnt open before finishing the WB:

As seen above, I managed to get to 95k BR (actually 96k) with 200% academy blessing a couple days before the end of the event. To achieve it, I had to work for all month on all fronts.
Among other things, it was needed to max matk in the academy (lv74), make a red matk astral and level it to 6 (5 would have been sufficient anyway), and switch goddess blessing and determination (which do NOT add to the battle rating) for holy mysticality and holy brilliance.
I dont have a picture of astros anymore, only the current one, where I dropped the matk into determination. I'm keeping the HP astral for next CW, and planning to try guardian angel too.
Last and most important, I also had to borrow the Therion mount from my lovely GM, who I thank publically, and who already lent to me for this month CW.  Without it, I would have been short about 1.5k to 95k BR.

Here are the pictures of the rewards, which I first recap below:

62K+ apollo wings
65k+ warlord medallion
80k+ 2k soul crystals
95k+ Darknite panther (unfortunatley +10 all stats and not +20 as initially advertised) + 800 whips
105+ Helm, armor and weapon (3 pieces of clothing) of apollo set

The wings are lovely and were awarded before last october (AFAIK). I used the free soul crystals + about 400 I had in stock to upgrade one level of soul engrave, saving the rest for the future event.

The medallion is "meh" - useful only to save insignas, since it is permanent. Here is compared to my LD medallion:

The mount is a flame version of the frost lynx, and I haven't seen it anywhere in cross server, meaning that most likely nobody reached 95k BR last year's HoF event.
Here is how it looks in my stables and in the wilds:

Yes, with about 500 of the 800 free whips I got together with the mount I finally updated my stables to lv3 (and got the phantom steed, not showed). Leftover whips will wait for event.

Lastly, this is how the apollo set looks on a warrior -my friend and guildmate Bass1 (which is the top player on my server):

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