Sunday, June 16, 2013

Climbed to #15 on Arena Duels today

Hey guys, one of the best ways of testing your strength is through Arena Solo Duels and here of course you are fighting bots who make mistakes, but you can always check how high you can get if you try and use that as a guide to tell you if you are getting stronger or that the others are growing faster than you. Of course you want to grow at least as fast as others and ideally better.

I know, yes, that in Wartune there are a lot of heavy cashers and you might not be able to beat them, but this is just a guide and I think a very good one to answer the question "Am I doing ok?". Here is my screenshot today of reaching rank #15 on my server with only a level 2 defense pot and a Will Destroyer build.

Note I will not be getting the money shown on the picture because I am sure I will not be able to hold this rank until the pay time at 18:00.


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