Wednesday, June 12, 2013

COSMOS stats and stuff (before 1.6 patch) 49k BR

Hey guys so it's been some time since I've published my stats simply because I did not level up, so I have been staying at level 69 and normally I post them every level, but then i figured the other day that if I am staying level 69 in Wartune at least for now then I should still periodically post my stats since I am getting stronger and stronger.

Now I have cancelled the level 70 I think around 5 times leveling up my low Holy Seal. For some people this will be a good level, but others will say it is not - for these remember that I only got VIP as gift 2 times ever and so I don't get the 50% exp bonus most of the time and that we are still a young server compared to others.

Anywhere so let's start with my stats today in Wartune and first up the Talents to update on my progress on Holy Seal and I also got the Ultimate slasher +5% level 2 done because that makes a big difference even though the 2 extra rage consumption is really annoying.

Next up just confirming my skills that I am an offense knight, I don't have double skills as I am still a non-casher.

Then my strongest area of improvement are the astrals. I did not get any luck to get a red astral so the 2 you see here the Holy Force and Sniper's Edge I exchanged for 15,000 star points each. And a lot of World Boss income went into leveling them up.

Also notice that I am making both a crit build and a will destroyer build for PVE and PVP as I want to be flexible and adapt as needed. I also again tested the Floating astral and as I already posted it is nonsense, but I will keep it for now in case they change the formulae. Also I am keeping illusion because I really like it but I don't have slots to use it.

Next up I share both my stats and my bags as both are interesting to different people. You will notice that I have a great improvement in stats here displaying the crit build with near 3,000 crit without the high level medallion which I will hopefully have one day. I also show what I have in my vault, which is same as before but I got a few more rods from the altar and a few more fashion core shards from spire.

All the clothing above and below is from various events and the clothing upgrades are with fashion cores from events and from spire. The wings below are my article "Get FREE Balens" (see above).

The good thing from my current clothing is that I can start combat with Whirlwind. The bad thing is that it is still not enough rage especially since my ultimate slasher is eating 2 extra rage now. Even 1 or 2 upgrades would make a big difference.

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