Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Using 2000 points to get 2000 balens FREE

Hey guys, here is another video I made showing how I use 2000 points to get 2000 balens using my "Get FREE balens" method (see link above). Depending on the time you choose to spend and depending on the country where you come from gathering 2000 points can take half a day or a lot more, so nobody says that you get this in 2 minutes or 2 hours but it is very good that free players have an option to use their time to get balens for free. Even the light cash players could do this to supplement their balens.

Anyhow below you see the video of me using 2000 points to get 2000 balens and if you wanna know full details click above on my "Get FREE balens" article I have full explanation + pictures + videos and if you are going to do it then please use my affiliate link as a thank you for helping you - then I also get a bonus on that website (you lose nothing).

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