Monday, June 24, 2013

DarkReality Level 49 Mage!

(Posted by Arbin)

Hello guys today I will show you my account for everyone who don't knows who I am.I am a non-casher lvl 49 mage and these are my stats:
You guys may say that they are low but it's because I didn't stayed at level 39.I didn't stayed because I really liked the white mount and wanted to jump as fast as I could at lvl 40.That was a big mistake but I will fix it.Next is my inventory:

Well that is my inventory.There are lots of stuff which I got by blitzing campaing and forgotten catacombs and I think it's not bad for my level.That was about inventory and now the guild safe:
This is my guild safe and I think it's poor.It's poor maybe that I am not so high level but I have no problem in that and for me it's all I got.Some of you may say why I don't have a vip trial card.Well that's because I used it when I had saved about 50 vip tokens and I wanted to spin the vip wheel.That's all about the guild safe and the next are skills:
This are my skills and I am a healing mage.I am a healing mage because someone told me not to go to the upper side if I am non-casher and I am very happy with this set because healing is very very helpful.The next are my runes:
I am non-casher and I have only the normal runes.The normal runes are dropped by the tank trials and you need 1 specific runestone to learn a rune.These runes that I got are free but the other runes can be bought with balens at the mistery shop.That was all about runes now the astrals:
Astrals are not so bad but I had luck too even though I haven't got any red astrals yet so at their state they serve me pretty well and I am happy with them.That was all about my astrals now the final is clothing:
This is my only clothing and I got it by changing the soldier medallions.I have hided it because I like more the lvl 45 arena clothing and I still have not got any fashion cores to upgrade it.

This was all if you have any suggestions put it down in the comments.Thanks!

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