Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When to Increase GOLD Guild Skill

Hey guys, a lot of people pay for the gold guild skill not understanding that it is a waste of money in most cases and your money is better spent on other things and only spent on this when your income is higher. So you can see my analysis below for example when you are earning 5,000 gold then it is maybe (maybe) okay to pay for level 1 gold skill and then you still need to wait 3 months to get your money back while if you wait and raise your income to 10,000 you can get this money back in 1 month, so in my understanding it is better to first invest in yourself and get stronger, etc and only then when your income is higher to invest in the gold guild skill.

For example I have seen a lot of people who earn around 10,000 getting level 6 gold guild skill - i think that's crazy because it would take 8 months to get that money, so it is better to use that 600,000 gold on something else to get stronger / better and when income is 20,000 gold roughly speaking then get it.

Lastly, to say the total opposite, if you just wanna have fun and buy it - it's not a big deal - a lot of people can earn this money in 1 day or few days max, so this analysis is just for people who love to see numbers and strategy and analysis :)

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