Sunday, June 9, 2013

COSMOS gets Will Destroyer for PvP

Hey guys, let's talk a little bit about Will Destroyer. I am now pumping it up to use it for pvp because it has become quite clear that if you are not a top guy (or gal) then it is not possible to just stay with critical attacks for pvp. Criticals are amazing for World Boss and I am of course keeping all my crit astrals as well as gems for every World Boss fight or anything at all which is not pvp, but I am going to be switching to a "solid" knight build for pvp because the armor people have there is so high that unless

I do critical attacks the damage is very low and also survivability is low because of lower defense and health. So now I pumped up Will Destroyer to level 4 today and I will try do battle ground with that and also by switching my crit astrals to PDEF and HP and also then using a Block astral. I have high hopes for this strategy and for PvP (player versus player) it will do better.

I even used star points to help me level up Will Destroyer faster and I put here the picture of that.

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