Sunday, June 9, 2013

Big Trouble from 1.6 for Battle Ground

Hey guys, new info was announced in the forums that it seems they are changing the levels of Battle Ground also this update and this is going to be a big problem for everyone who participates in BG because a lot of people are sitting at the last level and getting stronger and not leveling up. I heard that they did this level change because of exactly this reason to push people to move. So the new levels, if they are implemented, are:

Battleground Level Brackets have now been changed to the follow:
Players are randomly placed into one of the Battleground groups they fall into when they enter the battleground.

So this means that when I am holding now at level 69 then i could be put into the brackets for up to level 74, which is going to be a huge problem. However, if i do get put into brackets 60 to 69 that would be just wonderful :)

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