Sunday, June 23, 2013

COSMOS buys VIP to say thanks to Wartune

Hey guys, so after 7 months of being a non-casher i finally decided to pay up 7 bucks for VIP :) and actually I could have paid with the free balens but I, on purpose, wanted to pay myself because I want to express my gratitude and support to Wartune and I know 7 bucks means nothing for them but for me it is a gesture of appreciation :) so thank you Wartune and thank you R2Games for bringing it to us. I hope you continue improving the game and always have the 2 paths (free and casher) available for all kinds of peoples.

By the way this very nice picture on the left of a Wartune girl was also made by R2Games I believe and I really like it, so thanks to the artist and R2Games for it.

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