Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tanks are up to Level 5 - 10% bonus!

Hey guys, so for all the players who have been doing Tank Trials in Wartune then the tank's level should be up to level 5 now which is fun :) and only 1 level remains for the next type of a tank which we are all looking forward to drive :)

You see below on level 5 you get already +400 HP for the tank and as well +8 to attack and +4 to defense and basically long story short we have now a bonus of almost 10% to the statistics of the tank. For example tank health was 5000 and now it is 5400. So I think if a level 5 team would fight a new tank team they would already have a strong advantage of I think 2-3 extra shorts that they are able to absorb before death.

Let's wait a little and see what Wartune has in store for us when the tanks level up from Turbo Turret to Mauler. Will Maulers be matched against newbies or it will be more fair?

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