Monday, November 4, 2013

Nether Pumpkin Pack Drop Rates

Hey guys, here we have the drop rates for the Wartune Nether Pumpkin Pack which you get from the Monster Scrap event where you get the pumpkin seeds, plant them in your farm for 12 hours (or less depending on your farm level) and then you get the pumpkin pack which can have one of the below items.

So here you see I opened all the 587 packs I gathered and got 4.3 million gold and the other items that you see. I was curious to see that there were too few rune stones. I mean it's only 1 single rune stone so I was expecting to get a lot more of them.

What do you think? Was it fun for you? Did you get more or less similar ratios?

EDIT: Updated with 3rd version now up to 4085 Wartune pumpkins! :)

EDIT: Updated with 2nd version now up to 2778 Wartune pumpkins! :)

This was the 1st version report:

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