Sunday, November 3, 2013

Inspired By Lavash.. :)

(Posted by Harsh)

Hello friends.. Its Harsh Here... and i know that everybody reading blog or watching videos of +LavashGames LavashVideos is inspired by him and they also wanted to record like him.. without any LAG!!! But There is only one reason that he records laglessly...

REASON----->>> ^_^

Maybe he is having a good pc... having a good gpu(graphics processing unit) (graphics card) and also a good processor , motherboard and ram... :)

This is the reason of playing and recording wartune laglessly. If you are having a bad pc or laggy like me.. you can read this post...There are so many solutions that i m gonna show....

If you are having windows xp you can do this very easily but if you are a user of windows 7 or 8 it might confuse you. Now i m showing you solution for xp users...

1) Recording software uses your internal gpu which is very low if you are not having a external gpu. So i m turning your internal gpu off(you can turn it on again) so it doesnt render dx9..

2)At your desktop screen right click and select properties and when you click a box open and go to that tab where you select you resolution of screen.

3) Click advanced at your resolution tab and go to troubleshoot tab and decrease the bar to 0.

4) Now you can record laglessly but it not all, a good recording software is also required, you can use these-

(These pics are downloaded from google images, not owned by me)

Ezvid Program

Flashback Express

Screenr Webpage

CamStudio Program

For windows 7 users--- See further updates and bookmark this website or post..

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