Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Purple Sylph Stats and Battle Rating Information

Hey guys, here you see below 3 real examples of purple sylphs with their stats. Thanks for sending them Mike. The growth level you see is at 1320 growth level for all 3 of them, but the stats do differ which is expected, because different investments were made. They are all around 10.5k Battle Rating.

Read on below the picture about battle ratings.

Next up is the sylph battle rating info from GreyGandalf - thanks.

Here is a little info on sylphs - 2 points will give you either 1, 4, 4 or 7 Battle Rating (BR) depending on which stat you choose. 1 BR if you increase the non-dedicated statistic, for example strength for Iris / Apollo (because they are "mages"). 4 BR for endurance and armor and 7 BR for the main statistic.

Since you can't control the fight very well. Then you need to hit the hardest AoE attack - to gain an advantage and then in the end, more attack does the trick.

Q: but having health lets you withstand attack no?
A: you gain more attack than hp for 2 points

But yes at some point when people realize that Apollo can be fought with pans (same color) then other stats will be useful.

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