Sunday, November 17, 2013

Future Awesome Sylph Upgrades

(Posted by Cosmos on behalf of Vincent)

Hey guys, I got some really cool info on sylphs (pictures below), so straight to it: explanation on how sylph upgrade will work in the future! Yes, we will have it seems upgrades for sylphs!

First, there are some conditions to obtain new sylph upgrades:
 - Your sylph must be level 70
 - You need at least a purple sylph

Auch! Yes that's tough, but I will be positive and hope that we can attain that over time!

Later, you'll be able to upgrade sylph with Mahra (with a certain amount of Mahra, you gain a star rarity, once you have five of them, your sylph turns into the higher rarity).

After that, you need new materials for synthesizing new sylphs : "Star Tears" and "Star Sand" (10 for the first one, 1000 for the other).

Those two can be obtained through a new event "Sky Path".
Seems to be some 1 vs. 1 (Elite monster / Boss) fights doable everyday (10 fights).

After you have all your materials, you can synthesize and afterward use 2 inheritances.

You can pay some balens (don't know how much) so you will keep all the stats it has (Sepulcrum / skill points / Mahra) but its limits and growth rate will change.

If you don't pay, you lose 20% of each stats but the growth rate still change.

For some sylph as Apollo (and maybe a Dark sylph) you need a third material. I don't know anything about this one yet :/

Now here are the images of every sylph / upgrade sylph

  • Pan --> Medusa
  • Pixie (Eve) --> Heracles
  • Apollo --> ??
  • Earth sylph and its transformation
  • Other Transformation , Iris --> Triton and Queen Amazons --> Kerr Bailuo Si (Cerberus?)

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