Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pumpkin Power - Hit Harder!

Hey guys, you know when you wear a pumpkin head in Wartune as a knight then your swinging attack damage goes up because the pumpkin is very heavy and so you gather up more momentum when you run on the enemy and swing a lot harder with the weight of both your sword and the pumpkin head together!

You see on the first picture here on the right side I am accelerating and running faster because the pumpkin is so heavy and it is making me go faster and faster. And you see my weapon is all the way back which is also very important because when I reach my enemy I am going to swing it all the way in a very big circle and make a massive amount of damage!

Here on the next picture with the heavy weight swinging you see that I have reached my enemy (the mummy boss in spire) and with the full force of my own running and together with the heavy weight of the pumpkin and also together with the full circle swinging of my weapon I am gonna make a massive attack on this mini-boss.

So you see for archers and mages for example it is better not to wear this pumpkin head because they need to target their bow or read spells from their magic books, so they need to be as light as possible, but if you are a knight in Wartune get the heavy pumpkin head to make your swings hit harder with the weight of the big pumpkin!

And if you did not realize it by now, this entire post is a big joke and none of it is true :) but I hope it made you smile or even laugh a little :)

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