Monday, November 11, 2013

China Wartune New Stuff Update

(Posted by COSMOS; pictures from Jacob)

1) First is the picture of a top player of Wartune. This guy is MASSIVE! I mean look at him/her! BR is 272,699 - that is so insane! Looks awesome as well :P

2) Is a different kind of a powerful Wartune player. This guy has absolutely huge battle rating when you notice he is wearing only level 50 set!

3) Medallion that looks similar to the Warlord medallion that we got in the September Hall of Fame. This, is not using the honor level. This medallion for for level 50+

4) Special Sylph stats - very powerful compared to whatever we have in Europe at the moment:

5) Mounts which we have not seen yet (few we saw):

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