Sunday, November 3, 2013

ART: Wartune COSMOS Opening 158 Gem Packs!

Hey guys, I'm just having fun doing a little bit of art in photoshop as i originally imaged posting it but never found the time, so here is the artistic illustration of opening 158 gem packs.

Actually you do find some interesting things when looking at this. For example on Level 1 gems there were 17 PATK but only 6 of level 1 block gems. The Level 2 gems are a little bit more stable but you do find 6 of PDEF level 2 compared to 3-4 of others which is like 50% more. And finally on level 3 there are a whooping 5 of charisma while some of the others have only one. Now I am not saying there is a dis-balance, just on this sample of 158 gems it looks like this, probably need more than 1000 to make balance conclusions.

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