Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Difference in Sylphs Colors - Green, Blue, but sorry No Whites

Apollo Purple Don't have the stats sorry guys I havent even seen one yet.

Blue Apollo I will use my level 42

Blue Pan I will use my level 51

Blue Iris I am using my guild mates level 53

Green Pan I am using my guild mates green level 51 pan to compare with my blue

Green Iris I am using yet again a guildies level 53 green iris to compare with the blue level 53

Looking at these you can see the difference between green and blues of the same level is about 2000 br, This cant be exact because I didn't do the base stats.  Each member could have added sepulcrum to their sylph but this will give all the average difference in the stats.  I can also say that the extra 2k that they have makes them 10x stronger when fighting pvp.  I didn't get any of the white stats as i don't know anyone high level still using any whites.  You can farm green and blue of iris and pan, with lots of luck.  All of these sylphs with the exception of my apollo were farmed.  I got 2 free apollos so it is possible guys.  This has been the best event to get things free or not in along while.

EDIT: from COSMOS: here is my white Iris level 50 - I don't have time to farm green/blue, so i have white :) and i have added nothing - no sepulcrums or anything else.

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